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Sanding of a teak deck

With our staff and our equipment, we claim the best as possible results

All our tools are equipped with an aspirator to prevent dust and pollution, to avoid any interference with other activities and for neighborhood consideration and compliance. They are also fitted with guards to prevent damage to paintwork and other accessories. With our equipment, we claim the fastest as possible results, even whilst navigating.

Sometimes, you may also have noticed wet spots that remain long after the rest of the decks are dry. This could indicate that some of the caulking seams are not sealing properly. Additionally, depending on the age and condition of your deck prior to sanding, they may be in need of some caulking repairs after sanding. We have a comprehensive experience, covering this work too and a competitive quote per square meter.

Starting with 40 grit abrasive, our standard finishing is done using 80 grit abrasive. Using 120 grit abrasive, we can also provide an even smoother finish on demand.

Standard sanding of a teak deck which leaves 10/15% of grey wood will normally remove about 0.2mm of wood. The remaining 10/15% of grey wood in the deep veins will be cleaned up with a rotative mono brush to achieve a uniform finish. lf you wish to remove 100% of the grey wood, you must take into account the removal of about 0.3mm of wood or more depending on the decks condition prior to sanding.

Consider that, if you only sand your decks every 3 to 4 years, you will need to sand the equivalent accumulative thickness (+/- 1mm) that you would normally sand if you did them each year removing only 0.2/0.3mm. The main difference being that, you will always have beautiful, easy to clean and maintenance free decks whilst keeping control of damaged or leaking seams.

Atlantic Crossing Service

Save the time!

Get a sanding job during long range navigations or yacht transport via ship carrier, for example during Atlantic crossing to Caribben.


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