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Decksanding is an enterprise which specialized in the large yachts sanding decking, servicing interior and exterior surfaces. Teak deck sanding is an fundamental and useful method of maintaining your decks and it is important to ensure that the right equipment is being used. We pride ourselves in having the proper tools for the job, we use the most modern and brand new tools optimized for this special work.


We take great pride in our work, our attention to detail and turnaround times at a fair price.


When you deal with us you benefit from our strength, experience and know-how.


Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers and ensure their satisfaction.


We focus on customers' needs with the fastest speed, excellent skills, and best manner.

Sanding of a teak deck

When it's time to sand your decks we make the difference! With our staff and our equipment, we claim the best as possible results.

Cleaning of a teak deck

If your deck is still in good condition and it doesn't need to be sanding, may be only wish to clean it: we can provide a rapid and excellent service with our rotary cleaning machines.

-- We rejuvenate Your Teak Deck to Its Original Luster --

Boat teak deck care

A few things about teak decks maintenance

Salt, sun, weather, washing and aggressive detergents are the causes of the deterioration of your decks.

The pulp in the wood wears away, leaving the growth rings and caulking lines standing proud of the deck. These create small dams that hold water and dirt.

The more difficult your deck becomes to clean, the more you need to use detergents and aggressive cleaning methods which ultimately eliminate the natural oil inside the teak.

The time to sand your decks has arrived and we can make the difference.

Tools rental option

Do you want to save a money? Do you get a smart crew? We can also provide a tools rental option.

You can also choose the "tools rental option": all you need to do the job will be delivery directly to you, and we'll come back to pick up when you have done.

Rental Service

-- The finest sanding services for yachts and superyachts --

Atlantic Crossing Service

Save time!

Get a sanding job during long range navigations or yacht transport via ship carrier, for example during Atlantic crossing to Caribben or back to Mediterranean.

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